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Garden Blend  $35

Garden Blend is made by us at our shop. It contains : Composted Leaves, Manure (Cow/Horse), Lyme, Sandy Soil

We recommend this type of dirt for plants, gardens, or flower beds.

*Price listed for 1 yard and excludes tax*

Top Soil  $20

This is what we recommend for leveling yards, alleviating drainage issues, filling in holes and ruts, etc. 

Pulverized Top Soil  $39.50

This is ran through our trommel and screened until it is fine and loose.

*Price listed for 1 yard and excludes tax*

Sand $34 

Sand is great for a number of your landscaping projects. We offer 2 types of sand.

Mason Sand - A fine graded sand that can be used as a paver base, beach sand, sandbox material, leveling agent & more

Fill Sand- Recommended for many projects that require a backfill material because it compacts into a solid mass. Often used as a base for concrete and to fill around septic tanks. Can also be used in low-lying construction sites to raise building foundations, reducing the chances of flooding and more. 

*Price listed for 1 yard and excludes tax*

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